What We Do
The Historical Engine Society, Inc is a non profit organization whose purpose is to provide a focal point for people interested in the machinery of a bygone era. We encourage collection, preservation, restoration and exhibition of power producing devices and the machinery driven by these units. Items range from steam traction engines, to gas tractors and engines, to horse drawn and hand powered machinery.
Club fellowship consists of the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and educational programs. Work parties, picnics, and field trips make this a truly family oriented organization. The annual show is a year-round effort, culminating in a gathering of people and their machines. Visitors are treated to the sights, sounds, and demonstrations of the power of the past.

How We Started
Four men met in the fall of 1970 and held first discussions about starting a club for antique engine buffs in the area. The first formal meeting was held on December 10, 1970 and the organization was formed.
By February 1971, we had adopted the name Historical Engine Society, to reflect the majority interest in tractor and stationary engines. A membership of 20 was then in the fold. The state of Ohio issued a charter to our newly incorporated society, which was now planning its first large exhibition near Burton, Ohio, in late July, 1971.

What We Are Doing Now
The Historical Engine Society now has over 300 members. We work in cooperation with the Geauga County Historical Society to maintain the mechanical antiques in the collection of the Century Village Museum, and also to present the annual Antique Power Exhibition at the museum. We also exhibit at various festivals around the area, such as the Lake FarmPark Fall Harvest Festival, and the National Packard Car Show.
The aggregate zeal of our members can be seen in the numbers of machines collected, the number of special trailers built for moving machinery, and in the growing scarcity of collectibles "genus mechanical". Many members enjoy informal work nights or other sessions where people with like interests gather to lighten a heavy task, or to share tips on restoration and information such as the recent discovery of a rare engine.

Care to Join Us?
Do you have an interest in old machinery? Do you have something at home that you need information on or can't identify? Would you like to see and learn more about antique machines and tools our members have collected?
The Historical Engine Society meets the second Thursday of each month except August and December in the church basement at Century Village in Burton, Ohio.
Meetings start at 7:30PM. Century Village is located on the southeast corner of Burton square where Ohio routes 87 and 700 meet. Membership is open to any person. Annual dues are $10.00 individual and $18.00 family.

Contact the Historical Engine Society at:
Historical Engine Society
PO Box 945
Burton, Ohio 44021